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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Revelation 9

1 ! The first and sixt Angel blowe their trumpettes: the starre falleth from heauen.

1 a That is, the Bishopes and ministers, which forsake the worde of God, & also fall out of heauen, & become Angels of darkenes.

1 b This autoritie chiefly is committed to the Pope in signe whereof he beareth the keyes in his armes.

2 c Abundance of heresies and errors, which couer with darknes Christ and his Gospel.

3 f That is, secretly to persecute and to sting with their taile as scorpions do: suche is the facion of the hypocrites.

3 d Locustes are false teachers, heretikes, and worldlie futil Prelates, with Monkes, Freres, Cardinals, Patriarkes, Archebishops.

3 ! The locustes come out of the smoke.

3 e False and deceiuable doctrine, which is pleasant to the flesh.

4 g For the false prophetes can not destroie the elect, but suche as are ordeined to perdicion.

4 h That is, the infideles whome Satan bindeth with the effacie of error, {2 Thes. 2,11}

5 i Thogh the elect be hurt, yet they can not perish.

5 k The elect for a certeine space and at times are in torubles: for the greshoppers endure but from April to September, which is fiue moneths.

5 l For at the beginning the sting of the conscience semeth as nothing, but except thei sone seke remedie, they perish.

6 m Suche is the terrour of the vnbeleuing conscience, which hath no assurance of mercie, but feleth the judgement of God against it when men imbrace error and refuse the true simplicitie of Gods worde.

7 n Which signifieth that the Popes clergie shalbe proude, ambicious, bolde, floute, rash, rebellious, stubbern, cruel, lecherous & autors of warre & destruction of the simple children of God.

7 o They pretend a certeine title of honour, which in dede belongeth nothing vnto them, as the Priests by their crownes and strange apparel declare.

7 p That is, thei pretend great gentlenes & loue: their are wise, politicke, subtil, eloquent & in worldlie craftines passe all in all their doings.

8 q That is, effeminate, delicate, idle, trimming them selues to please their harlots.

8 r Signifying their oppression of the poore & crueltie against Gods children.

9 s Which signifie their hardenes of heart and obstinacion in their errors, with their assurance vnder the protection of worldelie princes.

9 t For as thogh they had wings, so are they lifted vp aboue the commune sorte of men & estemed moste holie & do all things with rage & fiercenes.

10 u To infect & kil with their venemous doctrine.

11 x Which is Antichrist the pope, king of hypocrites & Satans ambassadour.

11 y that is, destroie: for Antichrist the sonne of perdicion destroieth mens soules with false doctrine, & the whole worlde with fyre & sworde.

13 z Which was the voyce of Christ sitting at the right hand of the Father.

14 ! The foure Angels that were bounde, are losed.

14 a Meaning the enemies of the East countrey, which shulde afflict the Church of God, as did the Arabians, Sarafines, Turkes & Tartarians.

15 b This signifieth the great readines of the enemies.

19 c Which signifieth their false doctrine & hypocrisie.