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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Revelation 7

2 e God preuenteth the dangers and euils, which otherwise wolde ouerwhelme the elect.

2 f Those that are sealed by the Spirit of God, and marked with the blood of the Lambe, and lightened in faith by the worde of God, so that they make open profession of the same, are exempted from euil.

4 g Thogh that this blindenes be broght into the worlde by the malice of Satan, yet the mercies of God referue to him self an infinite nomber which shalbe saued bothe of the Jewes and Gentiles through Christ.

4 ! He seeth the seruants of God sealed n their for heades our of all nations and people.

7 h He omitteth Dan, & putteth Leui in whereby he meaneth the twelue tribes.

8 i That is, the tribe of Ephraim, which was Josephs sonne.

9 k In signe of puritie.

10 m All that are saued, attribute their saluacion vnto God onely & to his Christ & to none other thing.

14 n There is no puritie nor clennes, but by the blood of Christ onely which purgeth our sinnes & so maketh vs white.

15 ! Which thogh they suffer trouble, yet the Lambe fedeth them, leadeth them to the fountaines of liuing water.

15 o That is, of the majestie of God the Father, the Sonne and the holie Gost.

15 p Meaning continually: for els in heauen there is no night.

16 q For all infirmitie & miserie shal be then taken away.

16 r They shal haue no more grief and paine, but stil joy & consolacion.

17 t Which is verie God.

17 u He shal giue them lie and conserue them in eternal felicitie.

17 ! And God shal wipe away all teares from their eyes.

1 a The spirit is compared to winde, and the doctrine also: and thogh there be one spirit and one doctrine, yet foure are here named in respect of the diuersitie of the foure quarters of the earth where the Gospel is spred and for the the foure writers thereof, and that preaches of the same through the whole world.

1 b Meaning, the men of the earth.

1 c That is, the ylands.

1 d Signifying all men in general, who can no more liue without this spiritual doctrine, then trees can blossome and beare, except the winde blowe vpon them.