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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Revelation 4

1 a Before that he make mencion of the great afflictions of the Church, he setteth forthe the maiestie of God, by whose wil, wisdome and prouidence all things are created, & gouerned, to teache vs pacience.

2 ! He seeth the throne and one sitting vpon it.

3 b He describeth the Diuine and incomprehensible vertue of God the father as {chap. 8,6}, and the Sonne who is joyned with him.

4 c By these are ment all the holie companie ofthe heauens.

5 d From the throne of the Father, & the Sonne procedeth the holie Gost, who hauing all but one throne, declare the vnitie of the Godhead.

5 e The holie Gost is as a lightening vnto vs that beleue, and as a feareful thunder to the disobedient.

6 g It is a cleare as cristal before the eyes of God, because there is nothing in it so litle that is hid from him.

6 / Or, vnder the throne.

6 h They are called Cherubins {Eze. 10,20}

6 f The worde is compared to a sea because of the changes and vnstablenes.

8 ! And 14 seates about it with 24 elders sitting vpon them, and foure beastes praising God day and night.

8 i We are hereby taught to giue glorie to God in all his workes.

10 k They wil chalenge no autoritie, honour nor power before God.