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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Revelation 3

1 ! He exhorteth the Churches or ministers to the true profession of faith and to watching,

1 a The minister liueth when he bringeth forthe good frutes, els he is dead.

4 b Ether by consenting to idolaters, or els polluting their conscience with any euil.

7 c Which signifeith that Christ hathe all the power ouer the house of Dauid, which is the Church, so that he may ether receiue or put out whome he wil.

9 e I wil cause them in thy sight to humble themselues, & to giue due honour to God, and to his Sonne Christ.

11 f Let no man plucke them away what thou hast wonne to God: for they are thy crowne, as S. Paul writeth, saying, Brethren, ye are my joye & my crowne {Phil 4,1. 1 thes. 2,19}

14 h Of whome all creatures haue their beginning.

17 k Thus the hypocrites boast of their owne power and do not vnderstand their infirmities to seke to Christ for remedie.

17 i Persuading thyself of that which thou hast not.

18 l Suffer the eyes of thine vnderstanding to be opened.

19 m Nothing more displeaseth God then indifferencie, & coldenes in religion, & therefore he wil spewe suche out as are not zealous and ferurent.

21 n In my seate royal, and to be partaker of mine heauenlie joyes.