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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Revelation 2

1 d According to his promes {Mat. 28,20} he wil be with them to the end of the worlde.

1 c In his protection.

1 a To the Pastor or the minister which are called by this Name, because they are Gods messengers, & haue their office commune with Jesus Chrsit who also is called an Angel.

4 e Thy first loue, that thou hadest towarde God & thy neighbour at the first preaching of the Gospel.

5 f The office of the Pastor is compared to a candelsticke or lampe forasmuche as he oght to shine before men.

5 ! To repentance.

6 g These were heretikes which helde that wiues shulde be commune, & as some thinke were named of one called Nicolas, of whom is writ {Act. 6,5}, which was chosen among the Deacons.

7 h Meaning, that life euerlasting thus by corporal benefites he raiseth them vp to consider spiritual blessings.

7 ! As promises of rewarde.

8 i This is thoght to be Policarpus who was minister of Smyrna 86 yeres, as he himself confessed before Herodes when as he was led to be burned for Christs cause.

8 k The eternal Diuinitie of Jesus Christ is here most plainely declared with his manhode, & victorie oure death to assure his that they shal not be ouercome by death.

9 l This was the persecution vnder the emperour Domintian.

9 m In spiritual treasures.

9 n They are not Abrahames children according to the faith.

10 p The end of affliction is that we may be tried and not destroyed.

10 q Signifying manie times as {Genes. 31,41} {nomb. 14,22}, althogh there shalbe comfort and release.

10 o Here he nameth the autor of all our calamitie, incouraging vs manfully to fight against him in promising vs the victorie.

10 ! To perseuerance, pacience and amendment,

11 r The first death is the natural death of the bodie, the seconde is the eternal death: from the which all are fre that belieue in Jesus Christ, {Joh. 5,24}

12 s The worde of God is the sworde with two edges {hbr 4,12}

13 t All townes and countreies whence Gods worde, & good liuing is banished, are the throne of Satan, and also those places where the worde is not preached syncerly, nor maners a right reformed.

13 u In the verie heart of persecution and slaughter of the Martyrs they continued in the pure faith, and therefore are commended after a sorte.

14 x All suche are like counsellours to Balaam, which for lucre persuade to idolatrie, or whoredome.

17 z Suche a stone was wont to be giuen to them that had gotten anie victorie or prise, in signe of honour, and therefore it signifieth here a token of Gods fauour and grace: also it was a signe that one was cleared in judgement.

17 a The newe name also signifieth, renome and honour.

20 d They that consent to idolatrie and false doctrine, commit spiritual whoredome, whereof foloweth corporal whoredome. {Hos. 4,13}

20 c As that harlot Jesabel mainteined strange religion and exercised crueltie against the seruants of God, so are there among them that do the like.

24 f The false teachers termed their doctrine by this name, as thogh it conteined the most depe knowledge of heauenlie things, & was in deed drawen out of the depe dongeon of hell: by suche termes now the Anabaptists, Libertines, Papists, Arrians, &c. vse to beautifie their monstruous errors and blasphemies.