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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Revelation 1

1 a Of things which were hid before.

1 b Christ receiued this reuelation out of his fathers bosome as his owne doctrine, but it was hidin respect vs so that Christ as Lord and God reueiled it to John his seruant by the ministerie of his Angel, to the edification of his Church.

1 c To the good & bad.

3 ! Of them that read it.

3 d Which expoundeth the olde prophetes, & sheweth what shal come to passe in the newe testament.

4 ! John writeth to the seuen Churches.

4 g That is, from the holie Gost: or these seuen Spirits were ministers before God the Father & Christ, whome after he calleth the hornes and eyes of the Lambe, {Chap. 5,6} In a like phrases Paul taketh God, and Christ, and the angles to witnes, {1Tim. 5,21}

5 ! The maiestie and office of the Sonne of God.

7 h They that contemned Christ moste cruelly persecuted him, and put him to death, shal then acknowledge him.

7 / Or, for him.

8 i Alpha and Omega are the first and last letters of the a b c of the Grekes.

10 ! The vision of the candlestickes and starres.

10 k Which some call Sunday: S Paul the first day of the weke, {1 Cor. 16,1, act. 20,7.} and it was established after that the Jewes Sabbath was abolished.

11 l I am he before whome nothing was, yea, by whome whatsoeuer is made, was made, and he that shal remaine when all things shal perish, euen I am the eternal God.

11 m Of the which some were fallen others decayed: some were proude: others negligent: so that, he sheweth remedie for all.

13 p Which was Christ the head of the Church.

13 r For in him was no concupisence, which is signified by girding the loynes.

14 s To signifie his wisdome, eternitie & diuinitie.

15 u His judgements & waies are most pefect.

15 x Bothe because all nations graise him, & also his worde is heard & preached through the worlde.

16 z This sworde signified his worde and the vertue thereof, as is declared, {Ebr. 4,12}

17 a To comfort me.

20 f That is, the minister, {Mal. 2,3}