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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Revelation 5

1 a A similitude taken of earthlie princes, which judge by bokes & writings: & here it doeth signifie all the counsels & judgements of God which are onely knowen to Christ the Sonne of Dauid, {vers 5}

1 b That is, manie.

6 c This vision confirmeth the power of our Lord Jesus, which is the Lambe of God that taketh away the sinne of the worlde.

6 d That is, manifold power.

6 e Signifying the fulnes of the Spirit, which Christ powerth vpon all.

8 f The Angels honour Christ: he is therefore God.

8 g This declareth how the prayers of the faithful are agreable vnto God, read {Act 10,4 chap. 8,3}

8 ! And therefore the foure beasts, the 24 elders, and the Angels praise the Lambe, & do him worship.

9 h Our Sauiour Jesus hathe redemed his Church by his blood sheding & gathered it of all nations.