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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 John 2

1 a Christ is our onelie Aduocate and atonement: for the office of intercession and redemption are joyned together.

2 b That is, of them which haue embraced the Gospel by faith in all ages, degrees, & places: for there is no saluation without Christ.

3 c That is, by faith and so obey him: for knowledge can not be without obedience.

5 d Whereby he loueth God: so that to loue God is to obey his worde.

7 f Loue thy neighbour as thy self, is the olde commandement taught in the Law: but when Christ saith, So loue one another as I haue loued you, he giueth a newe commandement onely as touching the forme, but not as touching the nature or substance of the precept.

7 e When the Lawe was giuen.

7 / Or, doctrine.

12 g He nameth all the faithful, children, as he being their spiritual father, attributing to olde men knowledge of great things, to yong men strength, to children obedience & reuerence to their gouernours.

12 h For Christs sake.

16 k To liue in pleasure.

19 n Which semed to haue bene of our nomber, because for a time they occupied a place in the Church.

20 p Which is Christ.

22 r He is that taketh away or diminisheth ether of the natures in Christ, or he that confoundeth or separateth them, els he that putteth not difference betwene the persone of the Sonne, & also, he that beleueth not, to haue remission of sinnes by his onely sacrifice, denieth Christ to be the true Messias.

23 / But he that confesseth the Sonne, hathe also the Father.

23 s Then the infideles worship not the true God.

27 t Christ communicateth him self vnto you and teacheth you by the holie Gost & his ministers.

27 / Or, in Christ.

28 u By this name he meaneth the whole Church of Christ in general.