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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 John 3

1 a Being made the sonnes of God in Christ, he sheweth what qualities we must haue to be discerned from bastardes.

1 ! The singulare loue of God towarde vs.

2 c As the members and head are which make one perfect bodie.

2 b That is, Christ.

4 d That is, in whome sinne doeth reigne, so that he seketh not to be sanctified.

9 g He can not be vnder the power of sinne because the Spirit of God correcteth his euil and corrupt affections.

10 h He descendeth from the first table of the commandements to the seconde.

14 i This loue is the special frute of our faith and a certeine signe of our regeneration.

18 k Which is not the cause, wherefore we are the sonnes of God, but a moste certeine signe.

20 l If our conscience being giltie of any thing, be able to condemne vs, muche more the judgement of God which knoweth our hearts better then we our selus, is able to condemne vs.