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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 John 1

1 b That is, Christ being man.

1 c Which giueth life and had it in him self, {Joh 14}

2 d Before all beginning.

3 e The effect of the Gospel is, that we all being joyned together in Christ by faith, shulde be the sonnes of God.

5 f The frutes of our faith must declare whether we be joyned in God or not: for God being the verie puritie & light wil not haue felowship with them which lie in sinne and darkenes.

6 g In an euil conscience, & without the feare of God.

7 ! The blood of Christ is the purgation of sinne.

7 h That is, Christ with vs and we with our selues.

9 i If we be not ashamed, earnestly & openly to acknowledge our selues before God to be sinners.

10 / Or, doctrine.