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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Peter 2

1 ! He prophecieth of false teachers, and sheweth their punishment.

3 a This euidently sene in the pope & his Priests, which by lies & flatteries sel mens soules, so that it is certeine that he is not the successour of Simon Peter, but of Simon Magus.

11 b Albeit the Angels condemne the vices and iniquitie of wicked magistrates, yet they blame not the autoritie and power which is giuen them of God.

12 c As beasts without reason or wit followe whether nature leadeth them: so these wicked men destitute of the Spirit of God onely seke to fulfil their sensualitie, and as they are vessels made to destruction, & appointed to this judgement, so thei fall into the snares of Satan to their destruction.

13 d For in your holie feasts they fit as members of the Church where as in dede they be but spottes, & so deceiue you, read {Jude 12}

17 e Thei haue some appearance outwarde, but within they are drie and barren, or at moste they cause but a tempest.

20 f Which commeth by hearing the Gospel preached.