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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Peter 3

1 a For we fall quickely ??? and forget that which we are taught.

3 ! He sheweth the impitie of them which mocke at Gods promises.

5 b He meaneth them which had once professed Christian religion, but became afterwarde contemners & mockers, as Epicurians & atheistes.

6 c As touching the beautie thereof, & things which were therein, except them which were in the arke.

7 ! After what sorte the end of the worlde shalbe.

9 d He speaketh not here of the secret & eternal counsel of God, whereby he electeth whome it pleaseth him, but of the preaching of the Gospel whereby all are called and bidden to the banket.

15 f Albeit his epistles were writ to peculiar Churches, yet they conteine a general doctrine apperteining to all men.

16 ! Who they are which abuse the writings of S. Paul, and the rest of Scriptures.

16 g As no man condemneth the brightnes of the sunne because his eye is not able to susteine the clearnes thereof: so the hardenes which we can not some time compas or perfectly vnderstande in the Scriptures, oght not to take away from vs the vse of the Scriptures.

16 / Or, ?????

18 ! Concluding with eternal thankes to Christ Jesus.