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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Peter 1

1 a In that he declared him self juste and faithful in accomplishing his promes by Christ.

3 d The summe of our saluation and religion is to be led by Christ to the Father, who calleth vs in the Sonne.

3 / Or, throught his glorie.

3 c That is, saluation.

3 b He speaketh of Christ as he is God and Sauiour.

4 e We are made partakers of the diuine nature, in that we flee the corruption of the worlde: or as Paul writeth, are dead to sinne & are not in the flesh.

4 ! Forasmuche as the power of God hathe giuen them all things pertaining vnto life, he exhorteth them to flee corruption of worldlie lusts.

9 g The Greke worde signifieth him, that naturally can not se, except he holdeth nere his eyes. So Peter calleth suche as can not se heauenlie things which are farre of, purre blinde or sandblide.

10 h Albeit it be sure in it self forasmuche as God can not change: yet we must confirme it in our selues, but the frutes of the Spirit, knowing that the purpose of God electeth, calleth, sanctifieth, and justifieth, vs.

10 ! To make their calling sure with good workes, and frutes of faith.

17 ! Declaring the Lord Jesus to be the true Sonne of God as he himself had sene vpon the mounte.

18 l For by Christe presence it was for the time holie.

19 o Meaning, Christ the sunne of justice, by his Gospel.

19 m That is, the doctrine of the Prophetes.

19 n A perfiter knowledge then vnder the Law.

20 p Cometh not of men.