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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): James 2

1 ! He forbiddeth to haue anie respect of persones,

1 a As esteming faith and religion by the outwarde appearance of men.

1 / Or, acceptacion.

5 c Seing God estemeth them, we may not coatemne them.

7 d The Name of God and Christ, whereof you make profession: & in that they dishonour God, it is not mete that you his children shulde honour them.

8 e Which is here taken prouerbially, for the high or brode way, wherein there is not turnings, and euerie man can go it: so euerie man is our neighbour, as wel the poore as the riche.

8 ! To be louing and merciful.

12 f By the mercie of God which deliuereth vs from the curse of the Lawe.

14 ! And not to boast of faith where no dedes are.

14 h S. Paul to the Romans and Galatians disputeth against them, which attributed justification to the workes: & here S. James reasoneth against them which vtterly condemne workes: therefore Paul sheweth the causes of our justification, and James the effects: there it is declared how we are justified: here how we are knowen to be justified: there workes are excluded as not the cause of our justification: here they are approued as effects proceding thereof: there they are denied to go before them that shal be justified and here they are said to followe them that are justified.

17 ! For it is but a dead faith, where good workes followe not.

18 / Or, with one workes.

18 k Here dedes are considered as joyned with true faith.

22 m The more his faith was declared by his obedience and good workes, the more was it knowen to men to be perfite, as the goodnes of a tre is knowen by her good frute, other wise nom man can haue perfection in this worlde: for euerie man must pray for remission of his sinnes, & increase of faith.

24 o Of that baren and dead faith whereof ye boast.

25 p Meaning hereby all them that were not Jewes and were receiued to grace.

26 q Wherefore we are justified onely by that liuelie faith, which doeth apprehende the mercie of God towarde vs in Jesus Christ.