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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): James 1

3 a Afflictions trye our faith & ingendre patience.

4 b Our pacience oght to continue to the end til by working hathe polished vs, & made vs perfect in Christ.

5 c To endure paciently whatsoeuer God layeth vpon him.

8 d Douting in doctrine, or of Gods wil.

9 e That he is called to the companie of Christ and his Angels.

13 g He meaneth now of the inwarde tentations as of our disordered appetites, which cause vs to sinne.

17 h Seing all good things come of God, we oght not to make him the autor of euil.

17 i He alludeth vnto the sunne which in his course and turning sometimes is cleare and bright, sometime dareke and cloudie: but Gods liberalitie is euer like it self, bright and continnually shining.

19 l For we can not heare God except we be peaceable, & modeste.

21 ! To forsake all vice and thankefully to receiue the worde of God.

21 n By hearing the worde preached.

22 ! Not onely hearing it, & speaking of it, but to do thereafter in dede.

23 o So Gods worde is a glasse wherein we must beholde our selues, & become like vnto him.