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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): James 3

1 a Vsurpe not through ambition autoritie ouer your brethren.

2 ! He forbiddeth all ambition to seke honour aboue our brethren.

2 / Or, stomble.

2 b He that wel considereth him self, shal not be rigorous towarde his brethren.

2 c He that is able to moderate his tongue, hathe atteined to an excellent vertue.

6 e The intemperancie of the tongue is as a shame of hell fyre.

15 ! And what difference there is betwixt the wisdome of God, and the wisdome of the worlde.

17 g And examining things which extreme rigour as hypocrites, who onely justife them selues, & condemne all others.

17 f Without mixtion and dissimulacion.

18 h So that their life is according to their profession.