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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Hebrews 12

1 / Or, multitude.

1 ! An exhortation to be patient and stedfast in trouble & aduersitie, vpon hope of euerlasting rewarde.

1 a As riches, cares and suche like, and so to become Christs disciples, by denying our selues, and taking our crosse to followe him.

4 c Which by reason of our concupiscence assaileth vs on all sides.

8 d He concludeth that they which refuse the crosse, denie to be of the nomber of Gods children, but are bastardes.

9 f As he doeth creat our spirits without any worldelie meane, so he doeth instructe and mainteine them by the wonderful vertue of his Spirit.

13 g Their halting partely declared their sloenes, & partely their inconstancie in doctrine: therefore they were in danger to be punished.

17 i He was ful of despite and disdaine, but was not touched with true repentance to be displeased for his sinnes & to seke amendement.

18 k Which might be touched and sene, for as muche as it was material, but God had commanded that non shulde touche it.

22 n By the Gospel we are joyned with the Angels and Patriarkes.

22 l Whence the worde of God must come.

22 m Which shal be extended through all the worde.

25 ! A commendation of the new Testament about the olde.

25 o Which spake but rudely in comparison of Christ, who preached not the Lawe but the Gospel.