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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Hebrews 11

1 ! What faith is and a commendacion of the same.

2 a Haue bene approued, and so obteined saluacion.

4 d Because God receiued him to mercie, therefore he imputed him righteous.

4 e That is, liueth.

5 f For Enochs & Elias taking vp was suche a thing, as is spoken of, {I Cor. 15,51, & thes. 4,15}

6 g First God must finde vs before we can seke him: then we must seke him with a pure heart in Christ, who is reueiled in his worde: & thereby we learne to beleue Gods fre mercie towardes vs in his Sonne, through whome we obteine, the rewarde of his promes, & not of our desertes.

10 h For all things in the worlde are subject to corruption.

13 m And therefore put not their confidence in things of this worlde.

13 k Which was the enjoying of the land of Canaan.

13 l With the eyes of faith.

16 ! The stedfast belefe of the fathers in olde time.

17 o For it might seme to the flesh that the promes was contrarie to this commandement to sacrifice his sonne.

21 / Or, worshiped towarde the end of his staffe.

25 p The entisings of the worlde, which drawe vs from God, and which we can not vse without prouoking of Gods angre.

35 r As Elias raised vp the widowe of Sareptas sonne, and Eliseus the Sunamites sonne.

39 s Thei had not suche cleare light of Christ as we: for thei loked for that which we haue: therefore it were shame for vs, if at least we haue not as great constancie as thei.