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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Hebrews 10

1 / Or, substance.

1 b Which are eternal.

1 a Which was as it were the first draught and purtrait of the liuely paterne to come.

1 ! The olde lawe had no power to clense awaye sinne.

5 d In the hebrewe it is, thou hast perced mine eares throwe, that is, hast made me prompt and ready to heare: and in the greke, thou hast made me a bodie, that is, to obey thee, which bothe tende to one purpose.

7 e Or rolle and folding: for in olde time they vsed to folde bokes like rolles.

9 g Which is, the wil of God to stand content with Christs sacrifice.

10 ! But Christ did it with offering of his bodie once for all.

14 h That is, sanctified to God and made perfect.

18 i Where there remaine no sinnes to be forgiuen, that is no more sacrifice: seing therefore that onely Christs death hathe washed awaye all sinnes, and doeth euer a fresh when sinners do repent, there can be none other sacrifice but that, & it can be no more reiterate.

18 k For the offring of thankesgiuing, which is the onelie sacrifice now of the Christians, is not for sinne: but a thankesgiuing & an offring vp of our selues & ours for the same.

19 l We by Christ haue the libertie which the ancient fathers colde not haue by the Law.

20 m The blood of Christ is lawies fresh & liuelie, before the father to sprinkle and quicken vs.

22 ! And exhortation to receiue the goodnes of God thankefully with pattence and stedfast faith.

22 n That is, hauing our hearts made pure.

26 p That is, forsake Jesus Christ, as Judas, Saul, Arrius, Julian the apsotat did.

29 q Whereby it is euident that the Apostle here onely meaneth of the sinne, which is against the holie Gost, as also {Chap. 6,4}

33 s For the which thing also S. Paul praiseth the Philippians & Thessalonians.

33 / Or, of that state.