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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Hebrews 9

1 a Not heauenlie and spiritual.

1 / Or, Tabernalce

1 ! How that the Ceremonies and sacrifices of the Lawe are abolished.

3 b That is on the inwarde side of the vaile which was hid from the people.

8 c For so long as the hie Priest offered once a yere for his owne sinnes, & for the peoples, and also while this earthlie tabernacle stode, the way to the heauenlie Tabernacle, which is made open by Christs blood, colde not be entred into.

9 d Nether yet him for whome they were offred.

10 e Which ceremonies althogh they are ordeined of God, yet considered in them selues, or els compared with Christ, are but carnal, grosse, and earthlie & touche not the soule.

10 f Til the newe testament was appointed.

11 ! By the eternitie and perfection of Christs sacrifice.

11 g Which was his bodie and humane nature.

12 i For Christ was the sacrifice, the Tabernacle and the Priest.

12 h Which is heauen.

13 k The Leuitical Priest offered beasts blood: but Christ the true and eternal Priest offered his owne blood, which was moste ho9lie and pure: the Leuitical Priest offred yerely, and therefore did onely represent the true holines: but Christ by one onely sacrifice hathe made holie for euer all them that beleue.

14 m Which of them selues procure death & are the frutes thereof.

15 n Made betwene God and Christ, who by his death shulde make vs heires.

17 o He proueth that Christ must dye, because the couenant or testament is of none effect without the death of the testator.

18 p Without the death of beastes that were sacrificed with signifed that Christ wolde pacifie his Fathers wrath with his blood.

23 q Albeit there is but one sacrifice, which is Christ him selfe once offered, yet because this true & eternal sacrifice is compared with all those which were figuratiue, & is more sufficient then all they, therefore he calleth it in the plural nomber sacrifices.

28 u That is, without a sacrifice for sinne: or sin abolished.