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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Hebrews 8

2 b Which is the bodie of Christ.

2 a That is, heauen.

3 d He proueth that Christs bodie is the true Tabernacle, and that he must nedes be made man, to the intent that he might haue a thing to offre, which was his bodie.

5 e Seing the offerings of the Leuites were but shadowes of heauenlie things, as appeareth by the oracle to Moses, it foloweth then that Christs heauenlie Sanctuarie, his Tabernalce and office are farre more excellent.

6 ! He proueth the abolishing aswel of the Leuitical Priesthode, as of the olde Couenant by this spiritual & euerlasting Priesthode of Christ.

8 f That is, when Christ shal remit our sinnes by the preaching of the Gospel.

8 g Signifying that there shulde be no more diuision, but all shal be made one Church.

9 h Man by transgressing the bandes of the Couenant, colde not enjoye the commoditie thereof.

11 i Men shal not in the time of the Gospel be so ignorant as they were before, but shal knowe God much more perfitely through Christ.