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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Hebrews 7

1 ! He compareth the Preisthode of Christ vnto Melchi-sedec.

3 a So called, because that Moses maketh no mention of his parents of kinsfolkes, but as he had bene suddenly sent of God into the worlde to be a figure of Christ our euerlasting Priest, & shortely taken out of the world againe, so Christ as touching his humanitie had no father, and concerning his diuinitie, no mother.

5 c The Leuites had commandements to receiue that, which Abraham gaue frely to Melchi-sedec.

5 d Was begotten of Abraham.

6 e The Leuites receiued tithes of their brethren, but Melchi-sedec of Abraham, the patriarke: therefore his priesthode is more excellent then the Leuitical.

12 g The Lawe and the Priesthode are bothe of one condition: so that bothe Aarons & Moses office perteine to Christ, which is Priest & Law maker.

16 h Which stode in outwarde and corporal ceremonies.

18 i For the Lawe hathe no vertue nor profit til a man become to Christ.

24 k Therefore all others are blasphemous, that ether make them selues his successors, or pretende any other sacrifice.

25 l The frute of his Priesthode is to saue & that fully and perfectly, not by supplying that that wanteth, but by taking away the Lawe which is vnperfect by reason of our infirmities.

27 m And can not without blasphemie be said to be offered againe, or els by any creature: for none colde offre him, but him self.

28 n Not that it was first makde after the Lawe was giuen: but because the declaration of the eternal othe was then reueiled to the worlde.