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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Hebrews 6

1 ! He procedeth in reprouing them, and exhorteth them not to faint.

1 a That is, the first rudiments of our Christian religion.

1 b He mencioneth fiue points of the catechisme, which was then in vse: the confession of amendement of life: the sume of the faith: a brief explication of Baptisme, and laying on of hands: the article of the resurrection, & the last judgement.

2 c Then the vse of baptisme was declared when on the solemne dayes appointed to baptize the Church came together.

3 d It is Gods singular gift to increase in knowledge, & to go forward in the vnderstanding of God worde.

6 e They which are apostats, & sinne against the holy Gost, hate Christ, crucifie & mocke him, but to their owne destruction, & therefore fall into desperation, & can not repent.

11 f Whereby it may appeare, that you are fully persuaded of life euerlasting.

12 g As the holie fathers, Prophetes & martyrs, that were before vs.

12 ! But to be sted fast & patient,

17 h Because of mans wickednes, which wil not beleue God except he sweare.

18 i Gods worde & othe, are two things in him vnchangeable.

19 l Which is heauen whether Christ is gone before to prepare vs place.

19 k He returneth to the comparison betwene Christs Priesthode & the Leuitical which he had begon in the {5. chap.}.