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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Hebrews 13

4 a As incontinencie is a disease commune to men of all sortes and degrees, so mariage the remdie is offred by the fre mercie of God to all maner of men without respect.

5 b The Lord.

7 ! To make muche of them that preache Gods worde.

8 c He was, is, & shalbe the fundation of the Church, foreuer.

9 d Whatsoeuer doctrine is not according to the simple trueth of Gods worde, is strange.

9 e By reprouing them which supersticiously put difference betwixt meats he condemneth all the seruice which stode in ceremonies, comparing it with the spiritual worshiping, & regeneration.

9 ! To beware of strange learning.

10 f They that sticke to the ceremonies of the Law, can not eate, that is, can not be partakers of our altar, which is thankesgiuing and liberalitie which two sacrifices or offrings are now onley left to the Christians.

13 ! To be content to suffre rebuke with Christ.

16 h Thankesgiuing & doing good are out onelie sacrifices which please God.