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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Hebrews 5

1 a He sheweth that man can haue none acces to God without an hie Priest, because that of him self he is prophane & sinful.

1 b Which were of things with out lif.

5 ! He compareth Jesus Christ with the Leuitical Priests shewing wherein they ether agre or dissent.

7 g He meaneth that most earnest prayer which Christ prayed in the garden where he swet droppes of blood.

7 h Being in perplexitie & fearing the horrors of death.

11 i He digresseth til he come to the beginning of the {7 chap.}

11 ! Afterwarde he reproueth the negligence of the Jewes.

12 k Read {1 Cor. 3,2}

13 l That is, the Gospel which is that true knowledge that teacheth vs where we haue our justice.