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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Hebrews 4

2 a He compareth the preaching of the Gospel, as it were, to wine, whereof if we wil taste, that is, heare & vnderstand with profite, we must temper or mixe it with faith.

3 c The perfection of Gods workes, and so his rest, signifie our heauenlie rest.

3 ! The Sabbath rest of the Christians.

3 b Althogh that God by his rest, after the creation of his workes, signifed the spiritual rest of the faithful, yet he sware to giue rest in Chanaan which was but a figure of the heauenlie rest, and dured but for a time.

10 f Hathe cast of his appetites, mortified his flesh, renounced him self, and followeth God.

12 g For it mortally woundeth the rebellious, and in the elect it killeth the olde man that they shulde liue vnto God.

12 h Where the affections are.

12 i Which conteineth wil & reason.

12 ! The nature of the worde of God.

13 k As that thing which is cleaft a sunder euen through the middes of the backe, and so is made open that it may be sene throughtout.

13 / Or, concerning whome we speake.

13 l Therefore when we heare his worde, we must tremble, knowing thereby that God soundeth our hearts.