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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Hebrews 3

1 ! He requireth them to be obedient vnto the worde of Christ.

1 a Take hede to his wordes & receiue him.

1 b Of the doctrine which we belieue & oght to confesse.

3 d Moses was but parte of the house, that is of the Church whereof the pastours are the liuelie stones, but Christ buylded it, & layed the stones: therefore he deserueth more praise.

4 e That is Christ: for Christ is the fundation, & head of his Church: he is our brother, & Lord: he is the Sonne of God & verie God, working all things by his owne power.

6 f For in obeying the Sonne we are made the house of God.

8 g As when ye prouoked Gods anger in Massa and Meriba, {Exod. 17,7}

11 i As disobeing God, they in older time were debarred from the quietnes of the land of Chanaan: so thei which do not obey Christ, shal not enter into the heauenlie rest.

11 h Meaning by this other that they shulde not enter.

12 ! The punishement of suche as wil harden their hearts, and not beleieue, that they might haue eternal rest.

13 k Which is all that time wherein God doeth call vs: while he therefore speaketh, let vs heare.

14 l Which is by faith to embrace, and holde fast the true doctrine of Jesus Christ.

14 / Or, fundacion of our assurance.