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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Timothy 1

1 a Being sent of God to preache that life which he had promised in Christ Jesus.

3 b Following the steppes of mine ancestres, as Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, & others of whome I am come and of whome I receiued the true religion by succession.

6 ! Paul exhorteth Timotheus to stedfastnes and patience in persecution and to continue in the doctrine, that he had taught him.

6 c The gift of God is a certein liuelie flame kindeled in our hearts, which Satan, and the flesh labour to quenche, and therefore we must nourish it, and stirre it vp.

6 d With the rest of the Elders of Ephesus, {1 Tim. 4,14}

10 f He speaketh here of his first comming, which thogh it semed poore, & contemptible, yet was as honorable and glorious: therefore our mindes oght to be lifted vp from the consideration of the worldlie things to contemplate the maiestie thereof.

12 ! Whereof his bonds and afflictions were a gage.