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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Timothy 2

2 ! He exhorteth him to be constant in trouble, to suffer manly and to abyde faste in the wholsome doctrine of our Lord Jesus Christ.

2 / Or in the presence of manie witnesses.

2 a So that the trueth of God may remaine pefite.

4 b As with his housholde, & other ordinarie affaires.

6 c So that the paine must go before the recompense.

9 d Notwithstanding mine imprisonment & worde of God hathe it race & increaseth.

10 e To confirme their faith, more esteming the edification of the Church then himself.

15 f Giuing to euerie one his juste portion. Wherein he alludeth to the Priests of the olde Law which in their sacrifice gaue to God his parte, toke their owne parte and gaue to him that broght the sacrifice his duetie.

19 g He groundeth vpon Gods election and mans faith.

20 h Because the wicked shulde not couer them selues vnder name of Christ, he sheweth by this similitude, that bothe good & bad may be therein.

21 i That is bothe separate him self from the wicked, & also purge his natural corruption by Gods Spirit.

25 m He meaneth not this of Apostates or he heretikes, whom he willeth to flee: but of them onely which as yet are not come to the knowledge of the trueth, & fall through ignorance.

26 / Or, that being deliuered out of the snare of the deuil of whome they are taken, they may come to amendement & performe his wil.