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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Timothy 6

1 ! The duetie of seruantes twoarde their masters.

2 a That is, of the grace of God as their seruants are, & hauing the same adoption.

3 ! Against suche as are not satisfied with the worde of God.

6 ! Of true godlines, and contentation of minde.

6 b They that measure religion by riches are here taught, that onely religion is that true riches.

9 c that set their felicitie in riches.

10 d For they are neuer quiet nether in soule nor bodie.

11 e Whome Gods Spirit doeth rule.

15 e By this mightie power of God the faithful are admonished boldly to stande in their vocation althogh the worlde, Satan and hell rage against them.

20 g The giftes of God for the vtilitie of the Church.

20 h As when question engendreth question.