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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Timothy 5

1 ! He teacheth him how he shal behaue him self in rebuking all degrees.

3 a Take care for them.

4 b Paul willeth that the widdowes put the Church to no charge which haue ether children or kinsfolkes, that are able to relieue them, but that the children nourish their mothers or kinsfolkes according as nature bindeth them.

5 c Which haue no maner of worldelie meanes to helpe her selfe with.

9 e He meaneth such widowes which being justely diuorced from their first housbands maried againe to the sclander of the Church: for els he doeth no reproue the widowes that haue bene oftener maried then once.

12 g Not onely haue sclandred the Church in leauing their charge, but haue forsaken their religion, and therefore shalbe punished with euerlasting death.

12 h They haue not onely done dishonor to Christ in leauing their vocation, but also haue broken their faith.

16 i Which are without all mans helpe & succour.

19 k Except that he which doeth accuse him, haue at least two witnesses which promesse with the accuser to proue that which they laye to his charge.

21 / Or, without hastie judgement.

22 m In admitting them without sufficient trial.

24 ! And the judgement of sinnes.

24 p Their sinnes followe, which for a time haue deceiued the godlie, & after are detected, as Saul, Judas, & other hypocrites.