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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Timothy 4

1 a False teachers, which boast them selues that they haue the reuelation of the holie Gost.

2 ! He teacheth him what doctrine he oght to flee.

2 b Their dull consciences first waxed harde, then after, canker and corruption bred therein, last of all it was burnt of with an hote yron, so that he meaneth suche as haue no conscience, {Eph. 4,19}

5 c Vnto vs, which receiue it, as at Gods hands.

8 d Meaning to be giuen to ceremonies and to suche things as delite the fantasie of man.

8 e that is, he that hathe faith and a good conscience, is promised to haue all things necessarie for this life, and to enjoy life euerlasting.

10 f The goodnes of God declareth it self towarde all men but chiefely towarde the faithful by preseruing them: and here he meaneth not of life euerlasting.

14 i Vnder thi sname he conteineth the whole ministerie of the Church which was at Ephesus.

14 h And reuelation of the holie Gost.

15 ! And wherein he oght to exercise him self continually.

16 k Thou shalt faithfully do thy duetie which is an assurance of thy saluation.