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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Timothy 3

1 a With a seruent zeale to profit the Church of God, wheresouer he shal cal him.

1 b Whether he be Pastor or Elder.

1 c Bothe for the difficultie of the charge and also the excellencie thereof and the necessitie of the same.

2 d For in those countreis at that time some men had mo then one, which was a signe of incontinecie.

2 ! He declareth what is the office of ministers.

5 e If it be requisite that a man shulde take care in gouerning his owne house, how much more are they bounde to be careful which shal gouerne the Church of God?

6 g Lest being proude of his degree he be likewise condemned as the deuil was for lifting vp him self by pride.

7 h That is, no man may haue any thing justely to lay to his charge.

7 i As being defamed, shulde become impudent, & do muche harme.

9 k Hauing the true doctrine of the Gospel, and the feare of God.

11 l Of the bishopes and Deacons.

13 n To serue God with greater assurance, because they haue alway a good conscience.

15 o This is spoken in respect of men, for as muche as in this worlde the trueth onely remaineth in the Church, by reason of Gods wrode: for otherwise Christ is the fundation, and the corner stone, which bothe beareth & mainteineth his Church.

16 r To the right hand of God the Father.

16 ! And the principal point of the heauenlie doctrine.

16 p Approued juste in that he was not onely a man, but God also.

16 q So that the Angels marueiled at his excellencie.