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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Timothy 2

1 a That is, of euerie degre, & of all sortes of people.

1 ! He exhorteth to pray for all men.

2 b Althogh persecute the Church of God, so it be of ignorance: els if thei do it maliciously, as Julianus Apostata, they maye not be prayed for, {Galat 5, 12, 1thes. 2,16. 2tim 4,14. 1 john. 5,16}

4 ! Wherefore

5 d Who wil reconcile of all nations, people and sortes to one God.

5 e Who being God was made man.

6 f He sheweth that there can be no Mediator, except he be also the redemer.

6 g Which shulde beleue.

6 h Which the Prophetes testified, that Christ shulde offre him self for the redemption of man at that time that God had determined.

8 i As testimonies of a pure heart & conscience.

9 k The worde signifieth to plat, to crispe, to broyde, to folde, to bush, to curle, or to lay it curiously: whereby all pompe and wantones is condemned, which women vse in triming their heades.

9 ! As touching the apparel and modestie of women.

14 m The woman was first deceiued, & so became the instruement of Satan to deceiue the man: and thogh therefore God punisheth them with subjection and paine in their trauel, yet if they be faithful and godlie in their vocacion, they shal be saued.

14 n That is, glitie of the transgression.