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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Colossians 1

0 !

4 b For without Christ there is no faith to be saued by, but onely a vaine opinion.

9 ! Praieth for the increase of their faith.

13 ! He sheweth unto them the true Christ, and discoureth the contrefait Christ of the false apostles.

15 e For God is made visible in the flesh of Christ, & the diuinitie welleth in him corporally.

15 f Borne before anie thing was created.

18 g He that rose first againe from the dead to take possession of life euerlasting: which rising may be called a new birth.

19 h That the Church, which is his bodie, might receiue of his abundance.

24 l As Christ hathe once suffered in him self to redeme his Church, & to sanctifie it: so doeth he daily suffer in his members, as partaker of their infirmities, & therefore are reunger of their injuries.

24 k Or your commoditie.

25 m Which is the promise of Christ, and of the calling of the Gentiles.

25 ! He approueth his autoritie & charge.

26 n Whome he hathe elected and consecrated to him by Christ.