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0 ! In this Epistle S. Paul putteth difference betwene the liuelie, effectual and true Christ, and the fained, contrefait and imagined Christ, whome the false apostles taught. And first, he confirmeth the doctrine which Epaphras had preached, wishing them increase of fiath, to esteme the excellencie of Gods benefite towarde them, teaching them also that saluacion, and whatsoeuer good thing can be desired, standeth onely in Christ, whome onely we embrace by the Gospel. But forasmuche as the false brethren wholde haue mixed the Law with the Gospel, he toucheth those flatters vehemently, and exhorteth the Colossians to staye onely on Christ, without whome all things are but mere vanitie. And as for circumcision, abstinence from meates, external holines, worshiping of Angels as meanes whereby to come to Christ, he vtterly condemneth; shewing what was the office and nature of ceremonies, which by Christ are abrogate: so that now the exercises of the Christians stande in mortificacion of the flesh, newenes of life, with other like offices apperteining bothe generally & particularly to all the faithful.