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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Colossians 2

1 / Or, peine and care.

1 a Me present in bodie.

4 ! He admonisheth them not to turn backe from Christ.

5 b In bodie.

8 d Teaching you vaine speculations, as worshipping of Angels, of blinde ceremonies and beggerlie traditions: for now they haue none vse seing Christ is come.

8 ! To the seruice of angels or anie other inuentionm, or els ceremonies of the Law.

9 e In saying that the Godhead is really in Christ he sheweth that he is verie God: also saying, in him, he declareth two distincte natures, and by this worde dwelleth he proueth that it is there for euer.

12 g In beleuing that God by his power raised vp Christ, whereof we haue a sure token in our baptisme.

14 h The ceremonies,and rites were as it were a publike profession, and hand writing of the miserable state of man kinde: for circumcision did declare our natural pollution: the purifyings, & washings signified the filth of sinne: the sacrifices testified that we were giltie of death, which were all taken away by Christs death.

14 / Or, obligation.

15 i As Satan & his Angels from whome he hathe taken all power.

16 k Or, distinction, as to make difference betwixt dayes.

17 ! Which haue finished their office, and are ended in Christ.

18 l Meaning, that the hypocrites led them at their pleasure into all superstition and error.

22 m And apperteine nothing to the kingdome of God.

23 o They pinche and defraude their bodie to shewe them selues greater hypocrites.

23 / Or, but they are of no value saue for the filling of the flesh.