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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Philippians 3

2 ! He warneth them to beware of false teachers.

2 c The false apostles gloried in their circumcision whereunto S. Paul here alludeth, calling them concision, which is cutting of and tearing assundre of the Church.

2 b Which barke against the true doctrine to fil their bellies.

3 ! Against whome he setteth Christ.

9 ! And his doctrine.

11 f That is, to life euerlasting.

12 g Or haue now taken ful possession thereof, not that he douted to atteine vnto it, but because he wolde declare the excellencie thereof.

12 h We can runne no further then God giueth vs strength, and sheweth vs the way.

12 ! And reproueth mans owne righteousnes.

14 i That is, to obteine the croune of glorie in the heauens.

15 l This perfection standeth in forsaking sinne, & to be renued through faith by him which is onely perfite.

15 k Or, haue more profited then others.

15 m That is, that this is the true wisdome, and straight rule of liuing.

18 n That is, of the Gospel, which is the preaching of the crosse.

19 o The vaine glorie which thei seke after in this worlde, shal turne to their confusion and shame.

19 / Or, rewarde.