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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Philippians 2

1 a If you so loue me that you desire my conforte.

2 b From the consent of wils & mindes he procedueth to the agrement in doctrine, that there might be ful and perfect concorde.

3 ! He exhorteth them aboue all things to humilitie, whereby pure doctrine is chiefly mainteined.

6 c If Christ being verie God equal with the Father, laid aside his glorie, and being Lord, became a seruant, and willingly submitted him self to moste shameful death, shal we which are nothing but vile selues, through arrogancie treade downe our brethren, & preferre our selues?

6 d For he that was God, shulde haue done none injurie to the Godhead.

7 f He was sent and heard of men, so that his behauiour and persone declared that he was as a miserable man.

12 h Runne forwarde in that race of righteousnes, wherein God hathe frely placed you through Jesus Christ and conducteth you his children by his Spirit to walke in good workes, and so to make your vocacion sure.

12 i Which may make you careful & diligent.

16 l As they which in the night set forthe a candle to giue light to others.

16 m The Gospel.

17 n The worde signifieth to power out as the drinke offring was powred on the sacrifice.

19 ! Promising that he and Timotheus wil spedily come vnto them.

21 p They rather soght profite by their preaching then Gods glorie.

27 ! And execuseth the long tarying of Epaphroditus.

29 q He calleth it here the worke of Christ to visit Christ who was bonde in the persone of Paul, & was in nede of necessaries.

29 r He approueth them which hazard their life to relieue the prisoners of Christ.