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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Philippians 4

3 a This boke Ezekiel calleth the writing of the house of Israel & secret of the Lord, {Chap. 13,9}

7 c From Satan, who seketh to take from vs this peace of conscience.

8 ! He exhorteth them to be of honest conuersacion.

11 e That I was not able to endure my pouertie.

15 g When I first preached the Gospel vnto you.

15 h He had giuen of his parte in communicating with them spiritual things, but he receiued no thing of them, which oght at least to haue relieued him in his necessitie.

15 ! And thanketh them because of the prouidion that they made, for him being in prison.

22 i Or suche as did belong to the Emperour Nero.