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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ephesians 4

1 ! He exhorteth them vnto mekenes, long suffering, vnto loue and peace.

3 ! Euerie one to serue and edifie another with the gift that God hathe giue him.

4 c So that ye can not dissent one from another, seing the Spirit, which joyneth you in one bodie, can not dissent from him self.

6 e By his prouidence.

8 g The Mesias cam downe from heauen into the earth, to triumph ouer Satan, death and sinne, and led them as prisonners & sclaues, which before were conquerers, and kept all insubjection: which victorie he gate and also gaue it as a most precious gift to his Church.

12 i To restore that which was out of order.

13 l That we may be of a ripe Christian age & come to the ful measure of the knowledge which we shal haue of Christ.

15 m Christ being head of his Church, nourisheth his membres & joyneth them together by jointes, so that euerie parte hathe his juste proportion of fode, that at length the bodie may grow vp to perfection.

17 n Man not regenerat hathe his minde, vnderstanding & heart corrupt.

18 p The hardenes of heart is the founteine of ignorance.

21 q As they are taught which truely know Chirst

22 ! To lay aside the olde counersation of griedie lustes, and to walke in a newe life.

22 r That is, all the natural corruption that is in vs.

24 s Which is created according to the image of God.

26 t If so be that ye be angry, so moderat your affections, that it burst not out into any euils worke, but be sone appeased.

30 x So be haue your selues that the holie Gost may willingly dwel in you, & giue him no occasion to depart for sorrow by your abusing of Gods graces.