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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ephesians 5

2 a Alluding to the perfumes and incensing in the Law.

2 ! He exhorteth them vnto loue.

3 ! Warneth them to beware of vnclennes, couetousnes, foolish talking, and false doctrines.

4 b Which is ether vaine , or els by example and euil speaking may hurt your neighbor: for other wise there be diuers examples in the Scriptures of pleasant talke, which is also godlie, as {1 King. 18,27}

5 c Because he thinketh that his life standeth in his riches.

6 d Ether in excusing sinne, or in mocking at the menaces, and judgement of God.

8 e Seing God hathe adopted you for his, that you shulde be holie.

11 f And make them knowen by your honest and godlie life.

13 g The worde of God discouereth the vices which were hid before,.

14 h God thus speaketh by his seruants to drawe the infideles from their blindenes.

16 k In these perilous dayes & crafte of the aduersaries, take hede how to bye againe the occasions of godlines, which the worlde hathe taken from you.

16 i Selling all worldlie pleasures to bye time.

19 ! To rejoyce and to be thankeful towarde God.

19 / Or, song of praise and thankesgiuing.

19 l And not onely with tongue.

21 m Except our friendship be joyned, & knit in God, it is not to be estemed.

22 ! He entreateth of corporal mariage and of the spiritual betwixt Christ and his Church.

23 n The Church: so the housband oght to nourish, gouerne and defend his wife from perils.

26 o Baptisme is a token that God hadth consecrated the consecrated the Church to him self, and made it holie by his worde: that is, his promes of fre justification, and sanctification in Christ.

27 p Because it is couered and cledde with Christs justice and holines.

30 q This our conjunction with Christ must be considered as Christ is the housband, and we the wife, which are not onely joyned to him by nature, but also by the communion of substance, through the holie Gost and by faith: the seale and testimonie thereof is the Supper of the Lord.