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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ephesians 3

1 a He rejoiceth in that he suffred imprisonment for the maintenance of Christs glorie.

2 b Which was his vocation to preache vnto the Gentiles.

3 c That is, in the first chap. of this Epistle, {ver. 9}

5 d Althogh the fathers, & the Prophetes had reuelations certeine, yet it was not in comparison of that abundance which was shewed when the Gentiles were called: nether yet was the time, nor the maner knowen.

10 f The Church being gathered of so many kindes of people, is an example, or a glasse for the Angels to behold the wisdome of God in, who hathe turned their particular discords in to an vniuersal concorde, & of the Sinagogue of bondage, hathe made the Church of fredome.

13 ! Desireth them not to faint because of his trouble.

14 ! And prayeth God to make them stedfast in his Spirit.

15 g He that is not of the bodie of Christ, is in death.

15 h The faithful which dyed before Christ came, wereadopted by him, & make one familie with the Saincts which yet remaine aliue.

19 l That all the graces of God may abounde in you.