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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Galatians 6

1 ! He exhorteth them to vse gentlenes towarde the weake.

2 ! And to shewe their brotherlie loue and modestie

2 b Christ exhorteth in sondrie places to mutual loue, and therefore brotherlie loue is here called the Law of Christ, & his commandement, {John 13:34, & 25,12}

4 d For his rejoycing is a testimonie of a good conscience, {2 Cor. 1,12} wherein he may rejoyce before men, but not before God.

6 e For it were ashame not to prouide for their corporal necessities, which fede our soules with the heauenlie deinties.

6 ! Also to prouide for their ministers

8 f He proueth that the ministers must be nowrished: for if men onely prouide for worldelie things without respect of the life euerlasting, then they procure to them selues death, & mocke God, who hathe giuen them nis ministers to teache them heauenlie things.

9 ! To perseuere.

12 i That is, for preaching Christ crucified.

14 l By the worlde he meaneth all outwarde pompe, ceremonies & things, which please mens fantasies.

14 ! To rejoyce in the corsse of Christ.

15 m Which is regenerate by faith.

16 ! And last of all wisheth to them with the rest of the faithful all prosperitie.

17 o Let no man trouble my preaching, from hence forthe: for my markes are witnesses how valiantly I haue foght.

17 p Which are odious to the worlde, but glorious before God.