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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Galatians 5

2 ! He laboureth to draw them away from Circumcision,

2 a If you joyne circumcision to the Gospel, as a thing necessarie to saluacion.

5 b We liue in hope through that Spirit which causeth faith & which is giuen to the faithful that we shulde by faith & not by the Law obteine the croune of glorie, which Christ giueth frely.

7 c Then whatsoeuer is not the worde of God which here he calleth trueth, is verie lies.

9 e A litle corruption doeth destroy the whole doctrine.

10 f That ye wil imbrace the worde of God purely.

11 g That is, the doctrine of the gospel, which the worlde abhorred, as a sclanderous thing, & therewith were offended.

17 ! And sheweth them the battel betwixt the spirit & the flesh, and the frutes of them bothe.

17 k That is ,the natural man striueth against the Spirit of regeneracion.

18 l If you be guided by the Spirit of adoption, that which ye do, is agreable to God although it be not perfite.

24 n Christ hathe not onely remitted their sinnes, but sanctified them into newnes of life.

25 o that being dead to sinne & liuing to God, we may declare the same in holines & innocencie of life.