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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Galatians 4

1 a The Church of Israel was vnder the Lawe as the pupil subject to his tutor, euen vnto the time of Christ, when she waxed strong, and then her tutelship ended.

2 ! He sheweth wherefore the ceremonies were ordeined.

2 b That is, the Lawe, which before he called a scholemaster, {chap 3,25}

3 c That is, vnder the Law, which was but an, a. b. c. in respect of the Gospel.

3 ! Which is being shadowes must end when Christ the trueth commeth.

6 e For our adoption vnto Christ is sealed by him.

6 f He instructeth both Jewes, & Gentiles to call God their Father in euerie langage, so that none are excepted.

8 h When ye receiued the Gospel, ye were idolaters: therefore it is shame for you to refuse libertie and become seruants, yea, and seing the Jewes desire to be out of their tuttelship.

8 i Not in dede, but in opinion.

9 k The Galatians, of Palnims began to be Christians, but by false apostles were turned backewarde to begine a newe the jewish ceremonies, and so instede of going forward towarde Christ they ran backe warde from him.

9 ! He moueth them by certeine exhortations.

10 l Ye obserue dayes, as Sabbaths, newe moones, &c: ye obserue moneths as the first and seuenth moneth: ye obserue times, as Ester, witsontide, the feast of Tabernacles: ye obserue yers as the Jubile, or yere of forgiuenes, which beggerlie ceremonies are moste pernicious to them which haue receued the swete libertie of the Gospel, and thrust them backe into superstitious sclauerie.

12 m So friendful to me, as I am affectioned towarde you.

12 n For I pardon you, if you repent.

13 o Being in great dangers and afflictions, but without pope & ostentation.

14 p That is, the troubles and vexacions which God sent to trie me while I was among you.

14 q For my ministeries sake.

17 s They wolde turne you from me that you might followe them.

19 t And imprinted so in your hearts that you loue none other.

22 ! And confirmeth his argument with a strong example or allegorie.

24 x Agar, and Sina represente the Lawe: Sara and Jerusalem the Gospel: Ismael the Jewish Synagogue, and Isaac the Church of Christ.

31 a For we are in the Church of Christ, which is our mother, & not of the Synagogue which is a seruant vnder the Law.

31 / By the libertie wherewith Christ hathe made vs fre.