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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Galatians 3

1 a To whome Christ was so liuely preached, as if his liuelie image were set before your eyes, or els had bene crucified among you.

1 ! He rebuketh them sharpely.

2 c that is, the doctrine of saluation through faith in Jesus Christ, as {cha. 1,22}

2 ! And proueth by diuers reasons that justification is by faith.

3 d The false apostles taught that Christ profited nothing, except they were circumcised, and that the Lawe was the perfection, & Christs doctrine onely the rudiments thereunto.

10 ! And by the office, & the end, bothe of the Law,

12 g The Lawe pronounceth not them just, which beleue, but which worke, and so condemneth all them which in all points do not fulfill it.

15 i I wil vse a commune example that you may be ashamed to attribute losse nvto God, them to suche couenants, which one man maketh to another.

15 k No more is the promes or couenant of God abrogate by the Law, not yet is the Law added to the promes to take any thing away that was superfluous, or to supplie any thing that wanted.

16 l Which declareth that the Jewes and Gentiles, are bothe partakers of the promes, because thei are joyned in Christ which is this blessed sede.

19 m That sinne might appeare and be made more abundant, and so all to be shut vp vnder sinne.

19 n Who as ministers gaue it to Mses by the autoritie of Christ.

20 o But serueth bothe for the Jewes & Gentiles to joyne them to God.

20 p Constant & alwayes like himself.

23 r The ful reuelation of things which were hid vnder the shadowes of the Law.

25 s Not that the doctrine of the Law is abolished, but the condemnation thereof is taken away by faith.

27 t So that Baptisme succesdeth Circumcision, and so throught Christ bothe Jewe and Gentile are saued.