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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Galatians 2

2 a Paul nothing douted of his doctrine: but because many reported that he taught contrary doctrine to the other Apostles, which rumors hindered the course of the Gospel, he endeuored to remedie it, and to proue that they consented with him.

2 / Greke without profit.

3 b Which declareth that the other Apostles agreed with him.

5 c Lest we shulde haue betraied the Christian libertie.

6 ! And that he is nothing inferior to other Apostles.

6 d Albeit they had bene conuersant with Christ afore til me.

6 e But approued my doctrine perfect in all points.

11 ! Yea, and that he hathe reproued Peter the Apostle of the Jewes.

11 g Meaning, before all men.

14 h In bringing their consciences into doute by thine example & autoritie? and here the Apostle commeth to his chief point.

15 i For so the Jewes called the Gentiles in reproche.

16 ! After he cometh to the principal scope, which is to proue that justification onely commeth of the grace of God by faith in Jesus Christ, and not by the workes of the Lawe.

16 / Or, man.

17 l For he caused them not to sinne, but disclosed it nether toke he away the rightousness of the Law, but shewed their bypocrisie which were not able to performe that whereof they boasted.

17 k Except our frutes be agreable to our faith, we declare that we haue not Christ.

18 m For my doctrine is to destroy sinne by faith in Christ and not to establish sinne.

19 n And fele his strength in me which killeth sinne.

20 o Not as I was once, but regenerat, and changed into a new creature, in qualitie, & not in substance.

20 p In this mortal bodie.

21 q As did the false Apostles which preached not the faith in Christ.