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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Galatians 1

1 b This prerogatiue was peculiar to the Apostles.

4 c Which is, the corrupt life of man without Christ.

6 d That is, to be partakers of the saluation offred frely by Christ.

6 ! Paul rebuketh their inconstancie which suffred them selues to be seduced by the false apostles who preached that the obseruation of the ceremonies of the Law where necessarie to saluation.

7 e For what is more contrarie to our fre iustification by faith, then the justification by the Law, or our workes? therefore to joyne these two together, is to joyne light with darkenes, death with life, & doeth vtterly ouerthrow the Gospel.

8 ! And detesteth them that preache anie otherwise then Christ purely.

8 f If it were possible, that an Angel shulde so do: wherby Paul declareth the certeinetie of his preaching.

8 / Or, abominable.

10 g Since that of a Pharise I was made an Apostle.

11 h That is, doctrine inuented by man, nether by mans autoritie do I preache it.

13 ! He sheweth his owne conuersation, magnifieth his office & Apostleship, and declareth him self to be equal with the chief Apostles.

14 k that is, of the Law of God which was giuen to the ancient fathers.

14 / Or, age.

15 l He maketh thre degrees in Gods eternal predestination: first his eternal counsel, then his appointing from the mothers wombe, & thirdly his calling.

16 m That is, with anie man, as thogh I had nede of his counsel to approue my doctrine.

16 / Or, to me.

22 n That is, the Gospel which is the doctrine of faith.