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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Corinthians 9

3 ! the cause of Titus and his companiouns comming to them.

8 a Lest thei shulde giue but litle, distrusting to impouerish them selues thereby, he sheweth that God wil so blesse their liberal hearts, that bothe they shal haue ynough fot them selues & also to helpe others with all.

8 b That ye may do good & helpe others at all times.

9 c Dauid speaketh of that man which feareth God & loueth his neighbour.

14 d Besides that by their liberalitie God shal be praised, thei also shalbe commended to God by their prayers whome thei haue holpen, yea, & all men shal reuernece them, as being endued with an excellent gift of God.

14 / Or, greatly affectioned towarde you.